Buy Cheapest Viagra Online

Buy Cheapest Viagra Online

If you have been looking for how and where you can buy the cheapest viagra online, then you have come to the right place as we can help you figure it out. Before you decide to place the order for the diamond-shaped blue pill, it is advisable to first know about the drug thoroughly and then go ahead with the purchase. This way you would know about getting the best deals and also how exactly you can take the medication. You may even get a free Viagra sample depending on the online drugstore chosen.

Viagra as a solution for erectile dysfunction (ED) was something that caught the fancy of many men worldwide. Now, ED medication is automatically associated with Viagra. The brand medication can be quite expensive though. A month’s supply of Viagra can run to hundreds of dollars. The drug’s popularity also means that the demand is more. Ordering Viagra online is the easiest and if you can get the medication at the lowest price possible, then nothing it at all.

What you should know before buying Viagra online

Viagra’s potential in treating ED was discovered accidentally when medical researchers were testing Sildenafil citrate as a treatment for other illnesses. Owned, manufactured, and marketed by Pfizer, Viagra is an effective mainly for individuals diagnosed with ED. It is not an aphrodisiac as some people mistakenly think so.

Viagra works as a PDE5 inhibitor by relaxing the walls of blood vessels of the arteries and improve blood flow to the penis. This, in turn, helps the individual to achieve an erection and maintain it throughout sexual activity. In order to feel the drug’s effects successfully, the user should experience sexual stimulation and arousal.

Viagra comes in different dosage strengths and one may start on the lowest one to check the response to the drug and then increase the dose if required. Do not exceed more than one dose in a day. Avoid drinking alcohol or consuming grapefruit products as the interaction can be harmful.

Also, look out for Viagra side effects like a headache, nausea, stomach pain, muscle weakness, flushing, chest pain, painful erection, and erection lasting more than four hours. Drugs like nitrates and other blood pressure pills can interact adversely with Viagra.

Tips to get the cheapest Viagra online

Buyers who wish to get cheap Viagra can do so by looking at and comparing the prices of reliable online pharmacies. Exclusive Viagra drugstores online offer additional discounts than others, and the overall drug price is very low when compared to brick-and-mortar drugstores as well.

With luck, you may be able to buy the cheapest Viagra online for even less than a dollar. Just make sure that the online pharmacy whose services are used is reliable and provides only authentic Viagra. The drug’s brand name has a lot of value and many scammers send fake drugs just to make easy money. With no other additional charges, the Viagra pills can be purchased at the best price online for cheap

Viagra and Doxazosin combination therapy for non-organic ED

Viagra and Doxazosin were studied as a combination therapy that could potentially treat non-organic erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is usually physiological and can result from factors like health problems, side effects from medications, and even excessive drinking or smoking. When all the physiological factors are ruled out, the cause of ED is psychological and this is termed as non-organic ED. The ED medication Viagra and the beta blocker Doxazosin may seem like an unlikely combination, but they were studied together to test their efficacy in non-organic Ed patients who did not respond to Viagra alone.

Millions of men experience ED and almost everyone has this problem at least once. There are a number of treatments available for erectile dysfunction, with drugs being the easiest route of treatment. However, ED itself becomes more complicated when it is psychological and not everyone would have the same response to ED medications like Viagra. The introduction of Viagra has since helped many researchers to understand ED better and also pursue further research on suitable treatments for various conditions. Viagra with Doxazosin for non-organic ED is one among them.

Details of the study using Viagra and Doxazosin for non-organic ED

The study had 28 participants with chronic ED and had not responded adequately to treatment with Viagra alone. Of the placebo-controlled group, half were administered with both Doxazosin and Viagra, while the other half received only Viagra with a placebo before sexual activity. The study group was evaluated based on the questionnaires provided at the end of 30 days and after 60 days of continuous treatment.

The results showed that 11 of the 14 patients who took the combination therapy had improved results. The placebo group did not experience the same response, which highlights the fact that the combination therapy does indeed work. The research also proved that Viagra-Doxazosin combination was relatively safe as there were very few side effects recorded. The medical researchers deemed that Doxazosin was useful in ED treatment as it can boost the effects of Viagra, which is why those who did not find any effectiveness with the monotherapy were able to benefit from the combination therapy.

Who can take Viagra-Doxazosin combination therapy?

Although the Viagra-Doxazosin combination therapy works, it should not be considered as a first-line treatment for ED. The ED patient should first be administered with standalone ED medications to see the response to the treatment. Moreover, the safety and efficacy of this combination therapy was established for those with non-organic ED. The study did not reveal any significant side effects or changes in blood pressure. Those considering taking Viagra and Doxazosin together should be diagnosed with non-organic ED. The person diagnosed with this condition should follow the treatment protocols prescribed by the healthcare provider. Avoid self-medication as they can affect the user adversely. Non-organic ED is treatable with psychological therapy and medications, but the Viagra-Doxazosin combination therapy should be administered only if ascertained that the patient can benefit from this drug course.

Know the difference between Generic, Counterfeit and Fake Viagra

Buying genuine Viagra online involves an element of tenacity and in the absence of it chances are alarmingly high to get deceived by scheming websites and lose money. Important information like price of the medication and the selling price across a slew of portals, tactics to be adopted to prevent getting duped, the mechanism of the pill inside the human body and some of antecedents of the pill needs to be deciphered before purchasing the pill. Not just that the safety angle also needs to be taken into account along with which form suits the best personally that is whether branded or generic. As a precursor to these, key varying factors between genuine Viagra, the counterfeit one and generic version should be clear to the buyer. So let’s get into detail on how exactly to find the difference between original and the fake version.

Ordering Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra is identified as the pill which constitutes the active component in Viagra that is sildenafil in the similar dosage of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg as available in the branded counterpart. There is no pretention deployed by the generic version to resemble a branded one though the color of the pill is strikingly blue and diamond in shape, the traits closely connected with brand Viagra. The generic Viagra is generally sold as sildenafil in the market. The generic version of Viagra has not received the official nod to be sold in United States of America but it is within the purview of law in nations like Canada and Brazil. It is termed as an illegal product in USA as it does not bear the approval of the FDA.

Purchasing reimported Viagra

The reimported Viagra is just the brand Viagra, produced by Pfizer to be sold in countries like Canada where the government has enacted tough laws to keep the cost of pills low in the interest of their citizens. Canadian pharmacies with a marked respect among the customers sell these pills at a rate of $15 per pill.

Genuine Canadian pharmacies complying with the laws of the country procure Viagra pills from UK or Canada and in turn sell it to the Americans through online with a price tag between $14 to $16.

A surprising feature of the Canadian pharmacies is that all the dosages of Viagra are sold at similar price. There are individuals who risk themselves by buying the medicine from the gray market and break into convenient portions for their intake. The underlying fact is lesser the price the higher are the chances of it being counterfeit.

How and why you should avoid fake Viagra?

The counterfeit Viagra tablets have a much lighter imprint on them coupled with the edges being slightly thick. The blister pack of the original contains only 4 pills wherein the counterfeit contains 5 tablets. In most of the cases, the presence of an expert is warranted to differentiate between the original and the fake one as the package of the counterfeit pill bears close resemblance to the authentic one. In order to appear as the original even in composition a bit of real active ingredient is packaged with the pill and the customers lack the identifying mechanism between the two and they are also ignorant of the percentage of sildenafil. The dangerous aspect is that the counterfeit pills contain chalk or simply brick dust.  Pills have also been confiscated for containing baby powder instead of the original ingredients.

Viagra vs Sildenafil Citrate

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among men and it is a condition in which a man is not able to get and maintain erection throughout the sexual activity or the inability to achieve ejaculation or both. Erectile dysfunction is also called as impotency and the risk of this condition increases with age. Apart from age, there are few other factors that may have an impact on impotency like unhealthy eating habits, stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, excessive smoking and drinking. Viagra is the popular brand that has been taken for treating erectile dysfunction and Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in the ED drug. What is the difference between the brand Viagra vs Sildenafil Citrate? The former is manufactured and marketed by Pfizer Inc. whereas the latter is available under different trade names manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. The main difference between the pills is the price; The generic version is much cheaper compared to the brand. Pfizer Inc. needs to bear the cost of research, surveys, manufacturing and promotion of the drug and hence charge a premium price whereas for generic drugs only little investment is needed so they sell in an affordable price.

Which drug is better in treating erectile dysfunction? The active ingredient that is present in both the drugs is same and they have a success rate of 60 to 75 %. These ED drugs work exactly the same way. Sildenafil Citrate in the drug relaxes the muscles in the blood vessel walls, thus increasing the flow of blood to the penis and helps the man to get and maintain erection throughout the sexual activity. Sexual stimulation is very important for the ED drugs to be effective. These drugs have a lasting period of four to six hours.

Is Generic Viagra safe for treating Erectile Dysfunction?

When Sildenafil Citrate is purchased from Canadian pharmacy meds online it would be safe as they would be approved by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). There are certain conditions in which a person should ensure his safety before taking the pill, such as if a man is affected by any heart related disease, liver or kidney problems, those who are taking nitrate drugs, and any medications for treating other health conditions. It is advisable to consult the doctor and to take only the prescribed dosage strength.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be cured?

The ED drugs help a man to relax the muscles enabling the flow of blood to the genital area and to get as well as maintain the erection when sexually aroused, though this is not a cure. The impotency drug is an effective treatment which has a higher success rate. The root cause of impotency could be both physical as well as psychological and it is wise to consult the doctor regarding this issue.

How to take the ED drug?

The drug can be taken one hour prior to the sexual intercourse and it is taken orally with or without food. For better effectiveness of the pill, a light meal can be taken as it would help the drug to digest faster. It is very important to avoid the consumption of alcohol, grape juice or grapefruit juice before taking the pill. The prescribed dosage can be taken for the sexual wellness of a person.

Benefits of using Viagra vs Sildenafil Citrate

  • The ED drugs help a man to get back his self-esteem and confidence which he lost due to this condition.
  • Men’s sexual health is improved with the help of the pills.
  • Different dosage strengths are available which enables a man to choose the pill of his choice.
  • There is no stress as the drugs have a longer lasting period.