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How It Works

Over the years, Viagra has proved to be very effective for erectile dysfunction and this has made it one of the most popular drugs among men. Most men just understand that once they take it, it gives them a long lasting erection. But only a very few of them really understand how it works.

This article educates you on what happens to your penis after you take Viagra. Sildenafil, the main active ingredient in Viagra was placed under study and here is what was found out.

Within the first 12 minutes

Some men experience an erection within the first 12 minutes after taking the drug. This is because there body absorbs the main ingredient within a few minutes. Once it is absorbed into the body, it starts to work immediately. However, it does not work like that for everyone. It takes a long time for most people. It is necessary to point this out.

Within the first 27 minutes

If you don’t get hard within the first 12 minutes, you should experience it in another 15 minutes which makes it about 27 minutes after taking the drug. In fact, researchers have discovered that it will take users about half an hour to get an erection after taking the drug on the average even though doctors usually advise users to wait for an hour.

Within the first 57 minutes

After about 57 minutes or an hour, you will not only encounter an erection, you will also reach your maximum erection potential. This is because the drug gets to its highest level of concentration in your blood about that period. This is why doctors will usually advise you to take the drug an hour before sex.

Several researches have also shown that after taking the drug, men can have an erection that will last up to 33 minutes.

After 4 hours

The half life of Viagra is 4 hours. Its effectiveness drops by 50 percent after the first 4 hours. So, you can still have an erection after 4 hours and this implies that you can still have sex after 4 hours. If she eventually shows up 4 hours after you took the drug, don’t be disappointed, things can still happen. You can still “rock and roll’.

After 10 hours

Same thing is applicable here. Sildenafil will still be in your blood after 10 hours so you can still have a strong erection. Just bear in mind that you can always have an erection as long as the drug is still in your blood.

After 12 hours

Since the drug will still be in your blood, you can still have an erection after 12 hours. Several researches have shown that Viagra gives an average of 16-minute erection.

After 24 hours

After 24 hours, all the traces of the drug would have worn out from your blood. So, you should not expect any boost in your sexual performance at this time because it is no longer in your blood.

How Viagra works

After taking the drug, it widens your blood vessels to allow blood to flow more easily. There is an enzyme called PDE5. This enzyme reduces the blood flow in the penis. So, Viagra’s second function is to hinder the production of this enzyme so that it won’t reduce blood flow.

The effectiveness of the drug is different in every individual because factors like general health, age, and other medications play a huge role in it. Even food also has an input. Taking the drug with a meal will delay its effect in your body.