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Kamagra Oral Jelly

Apart from love, one of the most critical items that bind couples is the ability to find sexual satisfaction from each other. In fact, sexual satisfactions dictates love in most love relationships. It is stressful, therefore, when you cannot provide an intimate connection to your partner because of impotence or erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation, inability to sustain an erection for a long time and several other sexual discomforts arising from psychological stress or diseases are treatable using some prescribed medication. Many men of the ages above 50 who mostly suffer ED and sexual complication have been embracing many drugs in the past. Pills have proven to pose discomforts after swallowing, while the chewable counterparts have presented unfriendly taste and smell. Orally administrated ED and impotence treating medication such as Kamagra Oral Jelly offer the best solution opposed to pills and the chewable brands. Here is what you should know about Kamagra Oral jelly 100mg.

About Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra Oral Jelly is sildenafil citrate powered medication used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. It is an FDA approved prescription in the United States and countries of the world. There is a female version of the drug. The jelly version of Kamagra medication comes in a sachet of 50mg and 100mg. Depending on your general health condition and size of your sexual problem it is recommendable to take a lower dose first and increase it gradually if it is not offering the best results.

The jelly form of Kamagra medication is preferable to the other versions because it is easy to administrate and provide immediate effects. Taking a Kamagra oral jelly presents a desirable way to consume the drug while also offering a faster way of injecting it into the bloodstream compared to other forms. It won’t take you longer than usual before you can jump in bed with your partner once you take the jelly form of Viagra medication.

How Kamagra Oral Jelly Works

Just like brand Viagra, Kamagra oral jelly facilitates a long time erection that is also powerful and satisfying. Sildenafil citrate, the active chemical ingredient serving the drug relaxes the blood vessels and increase blood flow into the penile tissues to ensure rigid and sustainable erections. With the right amount of sexual stimulation whether through touch or visual excitation large volumes of blood are directed to the genitals to facilitate sexual satisfaction.

Why Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra is a generic Viagra medication. It is therefore available at lower price. The same power of sildenafil, the active ingredient for Viagra, is available at an affordable price to reach many people. You can buy it over the counter, with or without the doctor’s prescription. However, it is its fast action and reliability which makes it popular among ED patients. Unlike Kamagra pills that you need to take one hour or 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, you can take Kamagra oral jelly while you are in bed with your partner.

According to various reviews, Kamagra oral jelly never disappoints. Men taking Kamagra oral jelly narrate improved libido with youthful vitality. Their power in bed get restored, and their lives find an improvement in confidence and self-esteem. Buying the medication from reliable dealers, especially from the Kamagra pharmacies is a guaranteed safety from the many fraudsters selling counterfeits.

Where to buy Kamagra Oral Jelly

The traditional brick and mortar stores offer a limited mobility and accessibility of Kamagra oral jelly. The best option embraced by many patients and wholesaling pharmacies are the online stores. Here it is easy to shop in comfort in your living room. Buyers can make inquiries, consult with medical experts, compare prices and make payments more conveniently without breaking a sweat. However, it is advisable to ensure the online store is licensed to sell Kamagra oral jelly before buying. Some online pharmacies lure patients to buy Kamagra oral jelly at lower prices when they are selling counterfeits. Also be cautious when disclosing your credit card information unless you are sure of the online pharmacy’s reputation.

Nevertheless, Kamagra oral jelly from the online drugstores are safe and a private way of dealing with sexual problems since no one will notice if you are buying the drug unless you let them know. It is convenient as the patient can make orders at any time of the day and from any corner of the world. Most online pharmacies guarantee delivery within a few days to a few weeks depending on the location of the buyer. Shipment is typically cheap, and convincing discounts accompany bulk buying. You can monitor the movement of your package from purchases to the third party delivery company to know precisely when to expect your Kamagra package.

Buying Kamagra oral jelly from its official selling site, the Kamagra Store is associated with much lower prices. Buyers can even order for free samples and delivered to their doorsteps if they wish to taste it before buying. The pharmacy offers a reliable quick-to respond customer service in addition to customer reviews that will provide information from patients who experienced the medication.

Taking Kamagra oral jelly

The administration of Kamagra oral jelly is fun and enjoyable. The drug melts instantly once it mixes with the saliva. You may opt to squeeze the sachet into a teaspoon before putting it in the mouth or squeeze it directly into the mouth. A glass of water is sufficient to flash in the medicine. Although the reaction of the drug starts about 5 to 15 minutes after administration, you may take it one hour or a half an hour before the sexual encounter. Effects of Kamagra oral jelly will die off after 4 to five hours after taking the dose. Only a maximum of 100mg is recommendable for use in 24 hours. Overdose should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible as it may cause serious health threats to the patient.

Pick your favourite of the various fruit flavours of Kamagra oral jelly and avoid alcohol. Alcohols and fatty foods suppress the effectiveness of the medication by slowing down its absorption. Get an elongated period of erection and a sustained sexual pleasure after enjoying your orange, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate mint or butterscotch. However, you should note that taking Kamagra oral jelly does not cause an erection. You need a stimulus to get sexual arousal.

Getting best Results from Kamagra Oral Jelly

While Kamagra oral jelly is provided over the counter with a minimal prescription, it is important to take caution on some issues. The directions written on the packets are standard instructions followed by the patient. A personalized dosage is more efficient and must be obtained from a physician. Make sure to consult with your medical doctors to provide the best recommendations before engaging the drug. A checkup can establish your medical condition to avoid possible complications arising from the use of Kamagra oral jelly.

Precautions for using Kamagra Oral Jelly

Though Kamagra oral jelly is a simple drug that is easy to use, various complications may arise owing to its misuse. Patients who are suffering hypertension, problems with their blood circulatory system, and diseases of the heart, kidney and the liver are not recommended to use Kamagra oral jelly unless they advised otherwise by their doctors. Any drug that contains nitrates might be dangerous to use alongside Kamagra oral jelly. Make sure to let your doctor know if you are taking any other kind of medication before starting on Kamagra medication. The medicine is not for use to men under the age of 18 years, women with pregnancy, breastfeeding or planning to conceive shortly.

Make sure to use protection if you are not aware of your partner’s status on sexually transmitted diseases Kamagra oral jelly does not offer protection from STDs.

Side effects associated with Kamagra oral jelly

Common complications caused by the use of Kamagra oral jelly are regarded to be mild, bearable and readily treatable. They include infections of the urinary tract, congestion of the nose, headache, diarrhoea, facial flushing, problems with metabolism, dizziness and vision problem. Pain in the joints, symptoms of flu, respiratory infections and back pain are less common experiences when using Kamagra oral jelly. In rare cases, users may experience allergic reactions, congestive failure of the heart, and temporary loss of vision, anaemia, dry mouth, vomiting, angina pectoris arthritis or sudden loss of hearing. An erection taking longer than 4 hours must be reported to the nearest physician. Any of the less common complications may range from mild to severe experience, and a doctor must be informed immediately any of side effects manifest.


It is with no doubt that the oral jelly version of the Kamagra medication is more effective, appealing to many users and quite affordable compared to its pill-form and drugs of the same category. It is easy to locate safe places to buy the medicine without a prescription. Flavours present the drug more favourably, easy to administrate and straightforward directions of use. The online pharmacies are convenient, cheap and make deliveries to buyers overnight or after a few days after purchases. However, shoppers must be cautious as online shops are prone to fraud and unethical practices by credit card hackers. There is always a great deal of information concerning Kamagra oral jelly to instil confidence in potential buyers. Most importantly, however, Kamagra oral jelly is powered by a chemical that can cause fatal implications when misused. You need to consult your doctors for personalized recommendations and instructions. Follow the instructions with minimal error. Do not share the drug and void using it for other purposes other than the intended usage. Always call your doctor to report any experiences that endanger your health.